Useful Study Hacks From TikTok
Sticky Notes

1. Using transparent sticky notes to copy diagrams from your textbook and then sticking them to your note book. This will help you go over them when revising and testing yourself.


2. Another useful tool is to use a timer to help you focus for short bursts of time. If you’re unmotivated to start studying, you can set the timer for a short time like 5 minutes and this will then get you in the focus mode and will help you continue for a longer time and fooling your brain to continue with the flow.

Teach the material to someone else

3. Pretending to teach someone the material is a great way to test yourself, check where the knowledge gaps are and helps in information retention.

Avoid distractions

4. Make use of apps that can help keep distractions at bay. Forest is a great one and if you love our planet and the environment, it helps you plant a real tree!  Other similar apps are Plantie and Flora.

Online resources

5. Use the many online resources out there that will make your study sessions more engaging and rewarding.


Best of Luck!


The Ztoon Team