Getting Started with Selling Your Notes

5 June 2024
Are you ready to start? If you’re ready to turn your study materials into a source of income, follow these steps to get started selling your notes: Organize your materials Begin by gathering all your study notes, summaries, and flashcards.[...]

What Are the Benefits of Selling Notes?

1 June 2024
Benefits of selling notes Selling your study notes and revision materials comes with numerous benefits, making it a rewarding endeavour beyond just earning extra cash. Here’s a detailed look at why you should consider monetizing your study resou[...]

Tips From TikTok To Help You Study For Your Finals

30 April 2024
Useful Study Hacks From TikTok Sticky Notes 1. Using transparent sticky notes to copy diagrams from your textbook and then sticking them to your note book. This will help you go over them when revising and testing yourself.[...]

Retrieval Practice – A Magical Learning Tool

18 April 2024
Learning about Retrieval Practice I wish I knew what I know now about Retrieval Practice. As a university student, my biggest frustration was the outcome of studying for an exam. I would be convinced that I’ve mastered the material only to[...]

What is interleaving & why its a crucial study skill!

15 March 2024
What is Interleaving? Interleaving is a learning technique where one switches between ideas, topics and even subjects! The idea is to mix different topics and ideas in a study session to enhance the learning process. However, this doesn’t [...]

How to Overcome Procrastination… its Free and It Works!

10 February 2024
Are you struggling with time management as a result of procrastination? Always leaving things till the last minute and finishing assignments and cramming for exams the night before? Procrastination can be a death penalty for succeeding in univer[...]

How To Remember Study Material Forever

12 January 2024
Do you ever ask yourself how can I remember study material once I graduate ? I was an A student in school, yet I have difficulty remembering some subject material. It just seems non-existent in my memory! In my long search for answers, I finally[...]

Handwritten Notes or Typed notes?

5 December 2023
How effective are your study and exam preparation habits? Time and time again, a debate pops up about whether its better to type lecture notes or handwrite them. I’ve even heard of cases where the University Professor bans his class from t[...]

6 Tips To Efficiently Prepare For An Exam And Achieve Success

14 November 2023
Avoid cramming and Plan Ahead To stay ahead of your studies, revising as you go and avoiding cramming the night before is key. At the end of each day, try and devote time to reviewing what has been covered in class that day and go over it every [...]